["SAKURA" Japan Womens Wine Awards 2019]

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The SAKURA awarded wines were selected by womens juries from Jan.2019.
The examination meeting of the 6th "SAKURA" Japan Womens Wine Awards 2019 was held from January 2019.
We will inform you of sales of winning wine medal stickers.

◆Medal sticker sales company

Products will be shipped from Japan in about 5 days after settlement. (Saturdays and Sundays are excluded.)
※ Roll sticker will start production after settlement.
Therefore, the item will be shipped from Japan around 2 weeks after settlement.

It is impossible to return item and exchange item after settlement.
customs duty occurring in passing customs burdens the buyer.
About medal sticker sales
For medal sticker sales,
With the secretariat and your company you will be able to sell after consent of License Agreement.
Please confirm "About consent of License Agreement" about the method of consent of License Agreement.
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Double Gold Sheet Sticker(100 piece)
3,000 YEN(Japan)
6,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Double Gold Sheet Sticker(200 piece)
3,000 YEN(Japan)
6,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Double Gold Sheet Sticker(300 piece)
3,000 YEN(Japan)
6,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Double Gold Sheet Sticker(400 piece)
3,000 YEN(Japan)
6,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Double Gold Sheet Sticker(500 piece)
3,000 YEN(Japan)
6,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Double Gold Sheet Sticker(600 piece)
3,600 YEN(Japan)
7,200 YEN(Outside Japan)
Double Gold Sheet Sticker(700 piece)
4,200 YEN(Japan)
8,400 YEN(Outside Japan)
Double Gold Sheet Sticker(800 piece)
4,800 YEN(Japan)
9,600 YEN(Outside Japan)
Double Gold Sheet Sticker(900 piece)
5,400 YEN(Japan)
10,800 YEN(Outside Japan)
Double Gold Sheet Sticker(1,000 piece)
6,000 YEN(Japan)
12,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Double Gold Sheet Sticker(2,000 piece)
10,000 YEN(Japan)
18,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Double Gold Sheet Sticker(3,000 piece)
10,500 YEN(Japan)
21,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Double Gold Sheet Sticker(4,000 piece)
14,000 YEN(Japan)
24,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Double Gold Sheet Sticker(5,000 piece)
17,500 YEN(Japan)
30,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Double Gold Sheet Sticker(6,000 piece)
21,000 YEN(Japan)
36,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Double Gold Sheet Sticker(7,000 piece)
24,500 YEN(Japan)
42,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Double Gold Sheet Sticker(8,000 piece)
28,000 YEN(Japan)
48,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Double Gold Sheet Sticker(9,000 piece)
31,500 YEN(Japan)
54,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Double Gold Sheet Sticker(10,000 piece)
35,000 YEN(Japan)
60,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Double Gold Sheet Sticker(40,000 piece)
120,000 YEN(Japan)
200,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
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