The 9th "SAKURA" Japan Womens Wine Awards 2022 Judging Committee was held.
We will inform you about the sale of medal logo stickers and bottle tags for award-winning wines.

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List of Items
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Price Low to High(Outside Japan)  Price High to Low(Outside Japan)

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Gold Sheet Sticker(100 piece)
2,900 YEN(Japan)
6,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Gold Sheet Sticker(200 piece)
2,900 YEN(Japan)
6,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Gold Sheet Sticker(300 piece)
2,900 YEN(Japan)
6,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Gold Sheet Sticker(400 piece)
2,900 YEN(Japan)
6,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Gold Sheet Sticker(500 piece)
2,900 YEN(Japan)
6,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Gold Sheet Sticker(600 piece)
3,480 YEN(Japan)
6,900 YEN(Outside Japan)
Gold Sheet Sticker(700 piece)
4,060 YEN(Japan)
8,050 YEN(Outside Japan)
Gold Sheet Sticker(800 piece)
4,640 YEN(Japan)
9,200 YEN(Outside Japan)
Gold Sheet Sticker(900 piece)
5,220 YEN(Japan)
10,350 YEN(Outside Japan)
Gold Sheet Sticker(1,000 piece)
5,800 YEN(Japan)
11,500 YEN(Outside Japan)
Gold Sheet Sticker(2,000 piece)
9,600 YEN(Japan)
18,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Gold Sheet Sticker(3,000 piece)
10,500 YEN(Japan)
21,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Gold Sheet Sticker(4,000 piece)
14,000 YEN(Japan)
24,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Gold Sheet Sticker(5,000 piece)
17,500 YEN(Japan)
30,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Gold Sheet Sticker(6,000 piece)
21,000 YEN(Japan)
36,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Gold Sheet Sticker(7,000 piece)
24,500 YEN(Japan)
42,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Gold Sheet Sticker(8,000 piece)
28,000 YEN(Japan)
48,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Gold Sheet Sticker(9,000 piece)
31,500 YEN(Japan)
54,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Gold Sheet Sticker(10,000 piece)
35,000 YEN(Japan)
60,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
Gold Sheet Sticker(40,000 piece)
120,000 YEN(Japan)
200,000 YEN(Outside Japan)
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