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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Privacy policy declaration
Tenprint Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company".) in order to provide the service of peace of mind, safety and confidence to members, will strive to protect the information about all of the individual members (hereinafter referred to as "personal information". ) by striving to adequately protect personal information.

2. Privacy policy
(1) We will comply with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations of the telecommunications business method according to the Personal Information Protection Act and the Secrecy of Communication of Japan.

(2) We will comply with guidelines (August 31, 2004, Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Notification No. 695) for the protection of personal information in the telecommunications business.

(3) For all of the personal information to be handled at our company, we will make the appropriate management.

(4) All those who engage in business with our company, will protect a variety of personal information, including the member, and will meet its reliability.

(5) We will strive to institute and improve the necessary and appropriate safety management measures, in order to prevent such tampering and leakage, and against unauthorized access to information, loss of information, destruction.

3. For the handling of personal information

(1) Specifying the purpose of usage
In our company, we use the acquired member's name, address, personal information such as a telephone number for the following purposes. The provision of our services, identification of members, fee claims, inquiries, correspondence, notice of change or rest abolition of services such as our company use the guide of announcement, various event campaign of other services provided by our company .

(2) Disclosure of personal information
If there is a request for disclosure of personal information about the self from the member, also if there is a request for correction, etc. of content, we will respond promptly after conducting the identification check.
(3) Use and provision of personal information
We will acquire personal information of our customers to the extent necessary to provide the service, and use and provide within the scope of the acquisition purpose.

(4) A third party provision
We use personal information within the scope of acquisition purposes, and manage it in an appropriate way, to notify the member about the utilization of personal information unless in order to obtain an authorization of releasing and disclosing personal information to third parties. It is assumed that we do not disclose personal information to third parties.
However, if there is a disclosure request by public institutions, such as government and police, and in order to save lives, protect health or property, if we judge to be necessary, this may not apply.

4. Inquiries about personal information
Inquiries regarding the handling of personal information of our holdings, should be made to the following. (Contact: Tenprint personal information inquiry window
102-0071, Q-DAN1991 building, 1-12-1 Fujimi, Chiyodaku, Tokyo TEL: 03-3263-7728 (weekdays 10:00 to 17:00) FAX: 03-3263-7765 (24 hours a day)